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How do life in Egypt looks like

How do life in Egypt looks like?
egypt has many great things like great 
as the pyramids and the sphinx and many other temples 
the egyptian people are very kindly and they love helping other 
in egypt the weather is moderate not hot nor cold 
overcrowdness is really a problem here in our countries 
espically in the moroning and night hours 
education in egypt is fairly good 
the medicine is good but needs more researches and taking care of it 
our government is very keen on the tourism and give it the first attention as it is the main income source in our country 
agriculture here is very great ..... great crops all over the year and great farmers working hard 
industry is well done and good to some extent 
the foreign realationships of our country with other nations is very great 
i love egypt because it is the country of pharaohs and coptic history and it is the country oy coptic martyrs 

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