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Smoking is A Health Killing

Smoking affects all body systems for example :  

The central nervous system: 

     One of the components of tobacco is nicotine, it reaches the brain a few seconds of inhalation and affects it to make it active and work more, nicotine is a substance that manipulates mood and affects it, and smoking in general increases the atrophy of the eye nerve affects vision and causes poor eyesight, and also affects the sense of smell and taste, which sometimes loses appetite. 

Respiratory system:

     When inhaling smoke, the body enters many harmful substances in the lungs, thus losing your lungs the ability to filter harmful chemicals, coughing offer to get rid of toxins but can not clear enough toxins, toxins become trapped in the lung, smokers are more susceptible to inflammation Respiratory system, colds, flu, smoking causes a condition called emphysema, as the airways in the lungs are destroyed, chronic bronchitis is caused, and smokers for a long period of time are at risk of developing lung cancer. 

Cardiovascular system: 

Smoking increases the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduces the proportion of good, which leads to the accumulation of fatty substances and atherosclerosis, and increases the risk of blood clotting, recurrent coronary heart disease, and heart attacks. 

 The digestive system:

 Smoking reduces your appetite, which makes you unable to get all the food you need, and tobacco use causes inflammation of the gums and increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, pancreas, kidneys, and also affects smoking on insulin, it Resistance, making you more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.
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