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Alcohol addiction and how to get rid

 -:Some statistics about alcohol
- In 2012 it was estimated that 3.3 million people die annually due to alcohol consumption.
-Alcohol represents a risk factor in the occurance of more than 200 diseases.
-In 53% of all violence and murder crimes alcohol was an essential factor in these acts.
Alcohol has many harmful effects on both body & psyche.
Here are some of the major diseases that alcohol can cause:-
*-Liver cirrhosis:
Cirrhosis is an irreversible (can't be reversed) damage to the liver due to late stage of fibrosis(scarring) characterized by the formation of regeneration nodules & loss of normal lobular architecture of the liver.

*-Liver cancer:
Cirrhosis of the liver represents a major factor in having liver cancer.
Liver cancer "hepatoma"
*-Esophageal varices:
Esophageal varices represent one of the fatal complications that complicates cirrhosis and may cause severe haematemesis (vomiting of blood) that may end with the death of the patient due to loss of large amounts of blood.
Esophageal varices

*-Splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen):

Cirrhosis also results in the enlargement of the spleen with hypersplenism ( increase in the function of the spleen) leading to decrease in the number of all blood cells leading to; anemia( ↓ in the number of red blood corpuscles),leucopenia (↓ in the number of white blood cells),thrombocytopenia( ↓ in the number of platelets) i.e pancytopenia.
*- Congenital anomlies: 
When pregnant women consume alcohol during their pregnancies this may cause congenital abnormalities in their babies in the form of a syndrome called  "fetal alcohol syndrome" characterized by; small head size,slow rate of growth,mental retardation & facial abnormalities(see picture) .

Fetal alcohol syndrome
 *- Also alcohol causes many mental & psychological harms like depression,anixiety,stress & insomnia these effects led many addicts to suicide!
Alcohol addiction leads to depression

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